2374 was the very first show created by Silent Sunset Presents but back then the channel was called ShezzaProductions. It was created by Daniel Sherratt, Keayan Mistry and Andrew Malem. A whole series was planned which would have 8 episodes. But because of exams and time the show was cancelled. 4 episodes however are released on the channel.


Seymour-Andrew Malem

Reggie-Keayan Mistry

Julian-Daniel Sherratt

The name Seymour will be used again for Daniel Sherratt's new series Tales of a Timelord but these 2 characters are completely different.



Scary Chav-1.1

Unrealistic Monster-1.2



Daniel Sherratt created the Gartaks and were going to be the main enemy of the series as they were going to return in the finale which was unfortunately never made. Now however Daniel Sherratt will use them in his other series as they will appear in Doctor Who Internet Series and Tales of a Timelord as the same creatures they were in 2374.


Series 1 would have had 8 episodes, 2 and 3 being a two parter and 7 and 8.


Episode Name

(Aired Episodes)

Writer Enemy Notes
1.1 Planets End Daniel Sherratt, Keayan Mistry and Andrew Malem The Scary Chav

1.2 1/2

1.3 2/2

Foward Part 1

Foward Part 2

Daniel Sherratt

The Unrealistic Monster


1.4 Time is Money Daniel Sherratt and Andrew Malem Baht

Episode Names

(Unaired Episodes)

Writer Enemy Notes
1.5 The Magic Curtain Daniel Sherratt and Keayan Mistry Man Eating Virus
1.6 Friend or Foe Daniel Sherratt NAA (ANN's virus)

1.7 1/2

1.8 2/2

Revenge of the Defeated

A New Day

Daniel Sherratt


The Scary Chav