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Callum McLean, the FX Manager for the series, joined the DWIS bandwagon in early 2010. Studying Production Arts, Maths and Physics and Warrington's Priestley College, alongside Daniel Sherratt, who approached him, asking for "someone to do the effects for this Doctor Who thing we want to do".

Much of his work is undertaken in free 3D modelling and animation packages, such as Google Sketchup and Blender, as the alternatives are very, very, very (etc) expensive.

He recieves the script for each episode along with a specific list of sequences from Dan, before they collaborate, discussing details, backgrounds, motion and other aspects of each shot. Callum then moves on to sourcing or creating 3D models to animate.

He has recently finished working on the effects for Series 1, Episode 1, and is making a start on Episode 2.

Callum McLean




FX Manager

Date Of Birth

11th June 1993

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DWIS, GBU Radio Show

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Callum is currently studying at Priestley College in Warrington. His combined love of technical theatre, 3D animation and special effects is what he believes made him accept the job of FX Manager for DWIS.