Matt Orrillard (Born 24th April 1992,son of Jan and Ian) is the next actor to take on the role of The Twelth Doctor in the Doctor Who Internet Series, Making his Debut in the program in a series of specials begining with before meeting his death after being shot four times by Dianna in "Who's Genocide are you on?" (written by Mark Farrent) and handing over the TARDIS key to Lawrence Martin
Matthew Orillard


Main Actor


Twelfth Doctor

Date Of Birth

24th April 1992

Notable Works

Cody's Productions DWIS


Matt is an aspiring actor from Warrington and attends Priestley College studying Drama and Performing Arts. As a complete Doctor Who Fanatic, Matt is looking to give this dream role his all and cannot wait to step into the TARDIS.


Series 1Edit

Episode 6: Regeneration of the Daleks

Series 2Edit


Series 3Edit



(TBA) Special 1

(TBA) Special 2

Magic Science

A Christmas Shadow

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