Series 1Edit

Series 1 of Tales of a Timelord is the start of the new series based on the fictional character Merthorus and his team of free-lance UNIT officers. Daniel Sherratt is the head writer with Jacob Power as deputy.


Primary CastEdit

Merthorus-Daniel Sherratt

Jeoff Brown-Lawrence Martin

Seymour Britz-Matthew Orrillard

Secondary CastEdit



The Manager/Home Secretary-TBA

Guest CastEdit

News reader-TBA


No villains or monsters have been confirmed yet but Daniel Sherratt has said that the monster in episode 1 will be the main monsters for Tales of a Timelord and will appear in a few episodes.

The Gartaks are said to appear as on the 2374 page it says that they will appear in Doctor Who Internet Series and Tales of a Timelord


Daniel Sherratt

Jacob Power


Episode Number Title Writer Release Date Notes


Man from the Stars Daniel Sherratt 2011
3&4 TBA 2011
5&6 TBA 2011
7&8 TBA 2011
9&10 TBA Jacob Power 2011
11&12 TBA 2011