The First set of Specials for the Doctor Who Internet Series are based on the 12th Doctors final adventures. It stars Matthew Orrillard as the Doctor and Lauren Kelly Myers as Kelly Rose. Matthew Orillard is the head writer for these special

The Second set of specials are based on the 13th Doctors adventures, these episodes are just the normal christmas specials placed inbetween the series. It stars Lawrence Martin as the Doctor and Megan Blair as Katie Miller. It is unknow as to who is the head writer for the series because Daniel Sherratt is the head writter for the 13th Doctor episodes but Matthew Orrillard is the writter of the firts Xmas special


Primary CastEdit

The Doctor-Matthew Orrillard

The Doctor-Lawrence Martin

Kelly Rose-Lauren Kelly Myers

Katie Miller-Megan Blair

Guest CastEdit




Vash de Nevada


Episode Number Title Writer Release Notes
1 & 2



3 Magic Science Matthew Orrillard TBA
4 Who's Genocide are you on? Mark Farrent TBA Last Appearence of the 12th Doctor and Kelly Rose
CIN1 Children in Need special Lawrence Martin November TBA
Xmas1 The Christmas Shadow Matthew Orrillard Christmas TBA

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