The Thirteenth Doctor was the Thirteenth incartion of the time lord known as the Doctor. He claimed to be 928
years old in his travels with Katie Miller, He was very human with a darker side that plagued him. yet keeping his youthfull vigor and genial from his Eleventh and Tenth Incarnation for defending the universe.
Thirteenth Doctor

Also Known as:

"John Smith (Sir)" "Mr.Cool" "The Doctor"


Gallifreyan (Time Lord)



Home era:

Rassilon Era


Series one


Lawrence Martin


the 12th doctor fell Into the time vortex but survived because he regenerated into the 13th doctor who woke up in the tardis and claimed that this was his yougestt incarnation yet.he then went on to have many of his own adventures.

Famous QuotesEdit

"Mr. Cool"

"You HIT ME with a Stick!"

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