The Brink of Disaster is the fifth episode of Series One for Doctor Who Internet Series. It is Jacob Power's debut contribution to the series. The Brink of Disaster is also the name of part two of Doctor Who Series One's The Edge of Destruction. It is named so as it is similar to the production of The Edge of Destruction in many ways. It is filmed entirely inside the TARDIS, featuring only the regular cast, it is the third episode ever made in both series (although the original plan was changed, moving it to fifth in the series), and both were written quickly to fill in for a missing script.

The Brink of Disaster


Jacob Power

Production Code


The Doctor

Lawrence Martin

Katie Miller

Megan Blair

Other Cast


Release Date

2011 TBA

Preceded By

Katie's War

Proceeded By

Regeneration of the Daleks


The Doctor and Katie are lost in space, seperated from time itself. Meanwhile, Katie has been taken over by a mysterious old enemy...


Lawrence Martin as The 13th Doctor.

Megan Blair as Katie Miller.

Series 1 Episodes

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