The Christmas Conversion is the first christmas episode for Doctor Who Internet Series. The Production

The Christmas Conversion


Daniel Sherratt

Production Code


The Doctor

Lawrence Martin


Katie Miller


Cybus Cyberman

Release Date

23rd December 2010

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Proceeded by

The Serpant in the Stream

code for this episode is 1.X and not 1.2 because this episode is not part of series 1 but a 1 off special and the episode wasnt decided until the Children in Need episode was cancelled in late October.


After the Tardis fails to dematerialise, The Doctor and Katie investigate, but as secrets are discovered and pieces of forgotten races are found, The Doctor and Katie wonder if this is all part of their plan.


The Doctor-Lawrence Martin

Katie Miller-Megan Blair

Berrok-Daniel Sherratt/Lawrence Martin

Cyberman Voice-Daniel Sherratt

Xmas ep 02

The Doctor talking to the injured Berrok

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