The Medium of Sketches is a show written by Daniel Sherratt and Lawrence Martin, it comprises of various sketches to do with parodys of other shows and some original ideas. A first series has been commissioned and will see Richard Caddock join as a regular.
The Medium of Sketches Logo

Title card for The Medium of Sketches


Lawrence Martin (2010-Present) Daniel Sherratt (2010-Present)

Richard Caddock (2011-Present)


Day in the Life of the Berrok

M&S Adverts

Lessons for Christmas

What does the Doctor do in his spare time

Snowball Olimpics

The News


2010 SpecialsEdit

Production Code Episode Name Length Release Notes
X.1 The Medium of Sketches Xmas Part 1 8 minutes 20th December 2010

First episode to be released

X.2 The Medium of Sketches Xmas Part 2 7 minutes 24th December 2010

Series 1 (2011)Edit

Production Code Episode Name Length Release Notes
1.1 2011 First appearance of Richard Caddock
1.2 2011
1.3 2011
1.4 2011
1.5 2011

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